Deniar’s New Boy | Family Portrait

Hii, my name is Deniar. A wife of Dimas Ronggobramantyo and a mother of the cutest boy in the world; Akmal  Adinata Armantyo.

dimz family 01

dimz family 02

It always nice to spend our family time together. Talking a lot, laughing out loud, and playing around like we can’t stop.

dimz family 03

dimz family 04

Don’t you think that he’ll gonna be a handsome boy in the future? <3

dimz family 05

dimz family 06

dimz family 07

Hei Akmal! Mama loves you! :)

dimz family 08 new

dimz family 09

dimz family 10

dimz family 11

dimz family 12

dimz family 13

dimz family 14

dimz family 15

dimz family 16

I do love both of them cause these two lovely man are really special for me.

They will always be in every breath I take, every move I make, and every step I take.

My prayer is always be with them. Hope this happiness has no end in our way live together. :)



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