Handoko & Sisca Wedding | Solo Wedding Day

Greeting from an international wedding of Handoko and Sisca in Solo; one of amazing wedding we received. When we got to look at the full set of images from this wedding we literally couldn’t stop smiling cause the location was epic, the bride was beautiful, the groom was ridiculously happy, and everyone was so gorgeous on that day. Congratulations Handoko and Sisca. Thanks for sharing this wedding with us. :)

hansis_wedd 01

hansis_wedd 02

hansis_wedd 03

hansis_wedd 04

hansis_wedd 05

hansis_wedd 06

hansis_wedd 07

hansis_wedd 08

hansis_wedd 09

hansis_wedd 10

hansis_wedd 11

hansis_wedd 12

hansis_wedd 13

hansis_wedd 14

hansis_wedd 15

hansis_wedd 16

hansis_wedd 17

hansis_wedd 18

hansis_wedd 19

hansis_wedd 20


“It’s a brand new beginning the start of a journey with moments to cherish and treasure. And although there’ll be time when you both disagree, these will surely be outweighed by pleasure”.

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